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FG3D Customizer Unity Script

Available on Unity Asset Store FG3D Customizer is a script that allows you to use on your skinned object the skinned mesh of another object that has the same skeleton. Eventually you can create a custom...


FGC Creature Wonk Unity 3D Models

Available on Unity Asset Store  FGC Creature Wonk is a 3D characters by FG. Albedo, Normal, Occlusion and Specular Map. 70 Blendshapes divided between Body Morph, Expressions Morph, Creature/Monster Morph and Phonemes Morph. Wonk is a...


FG – Unity 3D Models

I produce my 3D models with great attention to graphics and aesthetics. But I try to limit as much as possible the size of files and the number of polygons required to achieve them. For example, my...