FGC Female Cloth Wagsuit Unity 3D Models

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Technical data

Faces: 29244
Vertices: 30826
Edges: 58931
UVs: 31821





  • Body Heavy
  • Body Voluptuous
  • Breasts Cleavage
  • Breasts Down
  • Breasts Size 0 (less)
  • Breasts Size 1 (most)
  • Glute Crease
  • Glute Raise
  • Glute Size
  • Nipples
  • Pregnant
  • Stomach Depth
  • ***

    “Full Rigged” model with Albedo, Specular, Normal and Occlusion Map. Albedo textures, are almost all made in gray scale to allow easy customization. The same way as hair models, to assign the dress to the 3D character I recommend using the attached script (FGC addItem).

    Warning: this package is 100% compatible only with these 3D characters:
    FGC Female Eva
    FGC Female Sophia-Lite


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